Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Friends' Wedding

This weekend you may have noticed me blowing up instagram with tons of pictures from the wedding Kevin and I were a part of. If you didn't, here's a glimpse into the wedding via our phones. Dear new camera, please make yourself known to us soon so we can purchase you.

As a couple, Kevin and I have witnessed a number of relationships grow but this one has always been a favorite. From unintentionally setting them up, to being a part of planning the proposal, to witnessing and playing a role in their wedding...we've been there through almost every step of the way and goodness has it been sweet! Through the valleys and through the mountain tops we've watched them grow together. We've been the ones they've come to in those trying times and the joyous ones. We've spent many Sundays cuddled up on the sofa together with football on (and by that I really mean the men on the sofa and the ladies crafting, then later sleeping on the sofa next to the men). They've been a part of the small group Kevin and I have lead. We've spent holidays together. And much of college was spent in one another's company. I speak for Kevin and I both when I say, it's been a complete blessing.

I can still remember that Friday, December night so long ago now. We had planned a big group outing to lights out in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Later in the evening, Kevin and I were watching a movie at his apartment when we found out that Trey and Lydia and another couple had gone off to watch a movie on their own. We were so confused at first. It wasn't something we had ever thought about. Through the Christmas break we watched and listened as their personalities seemed to connect more and more. And now, here we are, the Monday after their beautiful wedding day!

To Lydia and Trey, we love you both so very much. You have been our best friends and your friendship has meant the world to us. Your hearts for our relationship have always played a major role. Thank you for blessing us and for gifting us a friendship beyond any we could ever imagine. 

To Trey, thank you for befriending Kevin that first year in college. Watching you guys become best friends has been so much fun. Thank you for the role I know you played in helping to shape Kevin into the man he is today. We probably wouldn't be where we are today without you. I appreciate and love you so much and I'm so incredibly happy that you met Lydia and pursued her! 

To Lydia, my dear, you are so much more to me than simply my little in Phi Lamb. You are truly my sister in Christ and one of my very best friends. I remember picking you up from the dorms years ago and just beginning to learn about you. Though your heart went through some aching before Trey, I'm so glad you were able to grow through them. Watching you turn into a woman after God's heart, eager to shine His light in your home, and oh so ready to be the most precious wife, has been a true joy. Your friendship is something I hold close and don't take lightly. Thank you for allowing me to be so deeply invested in you and your relationship with Trey. I love you precious lady! 

To you both, words cannot express what you mean to us and what this weekend was to us. The Lord has truly blessed our lives through you both. It may have been your special weekend but we loved every single moment maybe just as much as you. We are so honored to have been a part of your lovely, and so unbelievably perfect, wedding day. We are so overjoyed that yall have trusted God's leading in your relationship, worked through your troubles, learned to praise Him in the blessings and made a lifelong commitment in marriage to one another. We pray your honeymoon  is a time of rest and peace, that you aree able to simply enjoy time with one another. We pray your coming home will be safe and sweet. We are so excited to have you as a our married best friends! Here's to many future couple vacations! We love you!! Welcome to the married peoples club! Happy Newlwedness! -Kevin and Veronica

Enjoy the pictures from our phones!
ps: you're welcome for the surprises we left in your home ;)

ready to go!

 last minute crafting
 Veil pick up!


Some final decor work

first dance practice

my chalkboard work for the photobooth

bachelorette party!

men on the day of

make up!

one of the flower girls

make-up done!

had to get her a bride cup from Starbucks, even if it was just water


time to go to the venue!

the sunset that night was incredible!

the beautiful venue

the bridal room

our first picture together all dressed up. What a beautiful lady she is!

waiting for the ceremony

first dance! They did an amazing job!

small group supporting the newly married couple!

cutting the cake


me and my favorite best man! ;)

some of our very best friends

always a fun time with this guy around

the final picture, farewell!

hair at the end of the night

right before we headed out to give/pick up some last minute things to their hotel, 

The whole weekend was just perfect. So honored, so overjoyed, so loved being a part of it all!

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  1. Love the pictures! Weddings are so much fun, especially when it's close friends. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Great blogpost! I love it!

  3. you look great, she is just adorable, and I LOVE the groom's cake!


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