Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite Christmas Tradition

I shared my favorite Christmas tradition a few weeks ago with Veronica's blog so I thought I would share it here today!

 When Veronica emailed me about the series she wanted to put together I knew instantly which tradition I wanted to talk about. It's a simple on really and as I think longer there are so many more that I could share too but for some reason this one has stuck to me.

What is it?

Opening stockings in my parents' bed.

I'm not even kidding when I say that I've done this my whole life with the exception of last year.

We almost always end up with something matching out of our stockings.
There's something sweet about sitting in my bed with my parents and sisters all dressed in our Christmas jamies, my sisters and I all bright-eyed and cheery, my parents groggily waking up and trying to bring their energy up to the same level as theirs.

As time went on we decided to read the story of Jesus' birth in bed right before we open stockings. The idea was to put our hearts in the right place for the remainder of the day. It was a sweet moment.

Then we would all sit in the bed and open parts of our stockings one at a time, my sisters and I swapping items, teasing our parents about their ever so exciting new tubes of toothpaste and favorite magazines. Stockings were fairly simple growing up, we'd find coloring books or a new hairbrush, candy and little trinkets. Nothing terribly expensive just little, fun and surprising!

Matching t-shirts from stockings
I love the memories of Christmas beginning with sitting in my parents' bed an opening stockings so much so that I've already introduced it into my husband and my traditions. Being married is funny especially around the holidays. There are some things each of us are so definite about, others we are willing to change, and others that we want to introduce to be all new. Our second married Christmas is coming up here fast and I'm so excited to see what else we introduce into our typical Christmas time traditions.
Kevin and I opening stockings in OUR bed on our first married Christmas
And just because I couldn't leave without mentioning some of my other favorites:
The Candlelight Service at church (often Christmas Eve)
Driving around fancy neighborhoods all decked out with Christmas lights
Ice skating with Kevin
Buying a real Christmas tree soon after my birthday (which is also my mom's, Dec 6)
Placing out my mom's collection of Nativity scenes
The baking frenzy

I can't believe the Christmas season is here! This year went by incredibly fast and it seems like it was just last year that my husband and I were celebrating our first married Christmas

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  1. Such great memories! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas love! xo

  2. Sounds like a sweet tradition, and super cool that you're carrying it on!


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